About Management

The Indian Real Estate scenario is changing at a very rapid pace, while NCR is changing even faster. Gone are the days when almost all builders were working with a back-drop of win-win situations. Recently with the advent of foreign direct investment, the management of Ajnara has very quickly adapted itself to changing global requirements. Our company, therefore, does not deal by grappling on 'day-to-day' working basis. The management vision has been clearly worked-out and the company has adopted an effective management and organizational working system.

The Company believes in decentralized, proactive & delegated powers to make the working culture productive and result oriented. The philosophy of the company has been defined as "no-pendency" theory. Nothing is left to be taken on "eventuality basis". the organizational chart flows from top to bottom and all departments such as administration / marketing/ sales/ finances/purchase/planning/construction/delivery are looked after by departmental heads.

Contingency plans are our "secret-weapons" to deal with any adversity that may arise in the market. The crises management "core-team" is headed by company′s MD.

Board of Directors

Mr. G.P Gupta is the executive chairman of Ajnara. He is a leading light of real-estate industry in India

Mr. Ashok Gupta is Managing Director of Ajnara. A Visionary entrepreneur, known for his aggression and focus towards real Estate. A staunch believer in ‘No pendency’ theory, which is now become philosophy of Ajnara Group as well, & delivering quality products. Having headed the company since its inception, he is a luminary of the real estate industry in India.

Mr. Pramood Gupta is Director AJNARA INDIA LTD. A civil engineering Technocrat from Somuya College, Bangalore. He has been on Board of Directors since 1991.He super-heads the expansion and growth of the company’s real estate operations and expansion program with a vision of leading Ajnara Group become one of the largest promoters in NCR.

Mr. Vinod K. Gupta: is Director AJNARA INDIA LTD Super-heads operations, liaising and finances of the company.


Ajnara is known for the quality of its products and is the first real estate developer to have been certified ISO 9001:2000 certificate in North India.