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Ajnara Fragrance Walk: Evolution of High-street Culture in India

March 26, 2021
Ajnara Fragrance Walk: Evolution of High-street Culture in India

Rapid urbanization, increased disposable income, & change in the middle class's lifestyle have to lead to a significant revolution in the Indian Retail sector. As the government is also easing the FDI norms in the retail industry, many overseas retailers are now expanding their legs in India. And it hasn't been restricted to metro cities anymore. Tier-II cities like Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, etc., gradually see many organized retail progress in a big way. The primary two categories that fall in the retail sector are Shopping Malls & High Streets.
(Source- JLL)

What defines High street in India?

The retail industry's growth is a true reflection of the social & economic status of the country, and India has witnessed immersive growth with many developers that have come up with their exclusive trend-setting shopping malls & high streets. The trend extends to brands that are moving from 5-star hotels to malls to high-streets retail. India's retail market has transformed from 'Haats' to 'Weekly Bazaars' to the posh High Streets like Connaught Place (CP), Khan Market in Delhi, or the Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road in Pune. The study & JLL Report states that high streets can be classified into two categories: Destination and Transit-Oriented.

What are the reasons for ever-growing High-Street destinations in India?

Apart from attitudinal shifts, rising income, 100% FDI is the critical factor leading to High Street's growth in India. The location places a significant reason in deciding its success. As the open spaces are diminishing in the cities, High Streets are treated as a place to meet, greet & having a fun time with friends. High streets become the preferred choice for many brands as it comes with lower maintenance costs and good visibility, flexibility in outlet sizes & access to the roads. It being an unbound market, visitors or shoppers also feels at ease that a high street shopping experience offers. They get personal attention & discounted price which led them to revisit the shop.

High Street vs. Shopping Malls-

High streets are preferred over the malls as they are considered to yield better returns. And that is why many retailers are choosing to invest in the former. Consumers are also choosing the high street as they are time & cost-effective, which they otherwise lack in the parking area. They get better brand experience along with store experience in a high street setup. As per the report by CBRE, more than 60% of restaurants in Delhi-NCR are located on high streets compared to 29% in malls. With so much popularity of this shopping format, real estate developers create flexible & customizable spaces making F&B an integral part of overall high street development strategies.

While there was huge hue & cry about this shopping format in India, it is confirmed that high-streets have stood the test of time & have created their USP by continually evolving, sometimes by catering to niche segments & managed to retain their reputation by as one of the essential retailing destination.

The future of this luxury retail is bright in India. The retail sector in India is expected to clock a wholesome growth rate of 12%. This could touch $1 trillion by 2020, with high street contributing a meaningful part towards it. Technology will play an instrumental role in reshaping the segment and further improving India's conditions of high streets.
(Source- Financial Express).

Commercial Projects in Rajnagar Extension-

The demand is set high in metro & Tier-I & Tier-II cities. Ghaziabad, in NCR, has become a hub of high street retail as many developers are developing their projects here. One such region is Rajnagar Extension. This growing demand is due to the excellent connectivity and world-class infrastructure of the region. Besides the metro rail network, the Eastern Peripheral Expressway connects the area well with highways. A well-planned suburb, a peaceful & metropolitan lifestyle including a perfect location makes Rajnagar Extension one of the central suburban homebuyers' favoured alternatives. Rajnagar Extension is exceptionally well connected with Metro Stations, Hindon Elevated Road, Delhi-Meerut Expressway, Meerut, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, etc. & the crucial parts of Ghaziabad. A recommended flyover and road from Hindon airbase will facilitate high-speed connectivity to Delhi via Wazirabad. Also, one of the vital developments taking place as per the latest policy development, the affirmed Delhi-Haridwar highway would even cross through Raj Nagar Extension, moreover emphasizing connectivity of the area.

As many developers are rigorously building new commercial shopping malls high-streets, one of them is Ajnara India. Ajnara India is coming up with the luxury high street, Ajnara Fragrance Walk, which is one of the most talked-about projects in the town. An amalgam of food, shopping, retail, entertainment for the people, it provides everything a shopping mall is about, making it the best investment opportunity for the people as well as to enjoy in the future.

Connectivity Benefits-

  • Very Close to the operational Hindon Airport (5 Mins)
  • ISBT & Metro Station close in the proximity
  • Easy connectivity to NH 24 and Eastern Peripheral
  • 10 Mins drive from Delhi via Elevated Road to Raj Nagar Extension
  • 15 Mins from Eastern Peripheral Road, connecting Kundli Ghaziabad and Palwal
  • Well associated with Noida, Ghaziabad, East Delhi & Meerut
  • Upcoming Rapid Rail from Delhi to Meerut via Raj Nagar Extension
  • Close to Upcoming International Cricket Stadium

In the coming years, the high street landscape will bound to change with mixed-use retail development & shall serve as a complete food, shopping & entertainment destinations in Delhi/NCR.

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Real Estate Investment vs. Share Market in 2021-22. Which is a safer option?

March 06, 2021
Real Estate Investment vs. Share Market in 2021-22. Which is a safer option?

The real estate market is one of the frontrunners of the economy of India. In addition to agriculture, it is also the country's primary job-creating industry and contributes 7% of its GDP. It has also been estimated that, if the announced policy measures are adequately enforced, the sector will donate 13% to the economy by 2025. This indicates that the industry still offers a plethora of investment opportunities. (Source- CNBCTV18.com)

However, the real estate market has gone through a range of ups and downs in recent years. As soon as the industry started to conquer the initial shock caused by systemic changes such as GST and RERA, the Covid-19 pandemic reached our shores. The nationwide lockdowns have led to fragmented supply chains and have caused issues with overseas procurement. The industry was also troubled with liquidity challenges and labour shortages.

Yet as we now have the vaccine, things are starting to look up positively. Investors are planning & plotting if it is a smart investment to invest in real estate in 2021.

Let us run through quickly the crucial factors which will help understand the current markets & how investing in real estate is a safer option:

Changed customer behaviour post Covid-
The pandemic has triggered a sudden shift in consumer behaviour and people's views of the real estate industry have shifted. Buyers investing in residential properties today want larger configurations with improved protection controls, emphasizing sanitation and captive facilities. With WFH being a standard, we might also see a growth in demand for residential properties with dedicated office spaces.
If we include commercial real estate properties, satellite offices outside the central business areas will receive further interest.

The Road of Recovery-
The Prime Minister's call for self-reliance in the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign was a positive sign for the real estate industry. The growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) is also a measure of fast recovery.
At the time, the devastation created by the pandemic may appear incomprehensible, but we do not forget that any catastrophe seems tiny in hindsight. The Covid-19 is just a blip on the global screen, and the Indian commercial real estate market continues to draw buyers who have their sights set on the long-term range. With the 2021-22 budgets have shown significant situation with regards to the affordable housing segment, the government will develop several flexibilities that will further fuel demand and attract even more exposure to investors. (Source- CNBCTV18.com)

As we advance into 2021, we can expect to see a consistent investment flow as easy liquidity by global central banks keeps a tight leash on interest rates and real estate investments promise high yields.

According to Savills India's report, private equity investment in the Indian realty sector may recover tremendously. It may bring an influx of $6 billion in 2021, registering a 30% Y-O-Y growth.

As the government undertakes economic recovery and development measures, metropolitan areas' real estate prices will stabilize. They may register an upwards in certain areas as the demand in those areas improves.

Increase in safe harbor limit w.r.t. sale of residential units-
To incentivize home buyers and real estate developers, it is proposed to extend the safe harbor limit from 10% to 20% for the specified primary sale of residential units in this union budget. This means that homebuyers, who buy properties with values below the circle rate by up to 20%, will not have to pay additional tax. Similarly, developers selling units below the circle rate by up to 20% will not have to pay extra tax. This benefit will be applicable from the assessment year 2021-22.

Real estate vs. stocks-
Investing in real estate means you obtain a physical piece of property unlike the shares which are intangible. Notwithstanding the type of real estate investment you make, most investors make returns on monthly rental income or when they sell the property for an acknowledged value. On the other hand, when you buy shares of stock, you purchase a piece of a company. As the company's value grows, your stock value also increases. You can also receive income in the form of dividends on your shares if you hold on to your stocks over time. Well, certainly one has to make a note that the choice to invest in real estate or stocks is a personal preference that depends on your financial situation, risk tolerance, goals, and investment style. Also,

  • Real estate and stocks have several risks and possibilities.
  • Real estate is not as liquid as stocks and leads to require more money and time. But it does present a passive income stream and the potential for substantial appreciation.
  • Stocks are subject to market, economic, and inflationary risks but don't need a significant cash injection and they frequently can be quickly bought and sold.

An option to purchasing physical property is investing in real-estate investment trusts or REITs. REITs are particular companies that own income-producing assets in the commercial real estate space, such as office complexes, retail spaces, hotels and apartment buildings.

Many REITs are publicly traded like stocks and tend to pay more enormous dividends than their equity counterparts. REITs, like stocks, enable you to reinvest these dividends and strengthen your investment value. For this reason, they are quite a popular option for retirement investment accounts.

Real estate investment advantages-

A hedge against market buoyancy-
Owning property can serve as a hedge against stock market volatility and inflation, as home values and rent prices tend to appreciate with inflation.

Tax benefits-
There are surplus tax advantages for homeowners and commercial real estate owners. For instance, adequate homeowners can deduct the mortgage interest paid on the first $750,000 in mortgage debt. Commercial real estate owners can also avoid capital-gains taxes through a 1031 exchange if they reinvest in a comparable property with the funds or use MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) depreciation to lower their taxable income. (Source- MarketWatch.com)

Constant Cash flow-
Real-estate investments can offer owners a reliable, passive monthly income through the form of rent payments.(Source- MarketWatch.com)

In conclusion, we can say with a degree of certainty that the real estate sector is set to bounce back in 2021 and will, therefore, provide excellent investment opportunities – especially for players who are looking at long-term gains. As the buyer sentiment improves, the fence-sitters will also be encouraged to invest, further injecting liquidity in the sector.

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Boost on infrastructure in the Union Budget 2021-22 will uplift the real-estate sector

March 02, 2021
Boost on infrastructure in the Union Budget 2021-22 will uplift the real-estate sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a wide variety of changes to economies around the world. In India, the lockdown has had a massive impact on the real estate and infrastructure sectors. However, as the sectors began to revive, the lockdown was eased. Several innovations have emerged in both economies, many suggesting a stable turnaround. Here's how the markets are expected to perform in 2021. The budget has given a much-needed stimulus to infrastructure development, decreasing trade and transaction costs and increasing productivity. Besides, the focus on roads and rail will establish a common market for the seamless transportation of goods and human resources in India.

Infrastructure is a crucial driver of a country's economy and is known to play a pivotal role in defining properties' value in any particular region. The absence of a road, rail, or air connectivity to any specific part results in lower property rates than right physical infrastructure areas. Infrastructure is limited to connectivity alone, whose survival is a fundamental precondition for developing other kinds of civil amenities.

  1. Union Budget 2021-22-
    This year's budget has lived up to the expectations, both in content (allocation) and character (reforms), albeit with too much stretching of the financial space. This time the government has earmarked 34.5% more (Business to Business) than last year to infrastructure development and given equal weightage to all physical infrastructure, including roads and highways, railways, urban infrastructure, power, etc. The development of civic facilities is a time-consuming process and enhancement of connectivity provides the right way to the existing facilities during the development period. (Source- Financial Express)

    -The government has allocated Rs 20,000 crore to establish and capitalize a Development Financial Institution (DFI) and a Rs 5 lakh crore lending portfolio created in three years under the proposed DFI.

    -A considerable amount of money has been earmarked for on-going and new business corridors/expressways. This will undoubtedly help to boost up the real estate sector.

    -The budget has given much-needed motivation to infrastructure development, reducing trade and transaction costs and improving factor productivity. (Source- Financial Express)

    Moreover, the focus on roads and railways will create a combined market in India for seamless mobility of goods and human resources. In a developing and infrastructure-deficient nation like India, public investment in infrastructure is labor-intensive, masses in private investment and is the best way to heighten demand. Overall, the infrastructure sector is the champion in this year's budget.

  2. How will infrastructure boost real estate- However, its success lies in its efficient implementation and converging on projects with agile turnaround time. The reduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on loans taken for affordable housing units till March 2022 has been extended by a year. This is a delightful step for home buyers and developers whose affordable housing projects help from the tax extensions. The exemption for notified affordable rental housing projects for migrant workers is also a tangible announcement as it will give the coveted push to this emerging segment. The enhanced spending on public projects such as ports, railways, airports, and metros is expected to boost connectivity and economic growth on the infrastructure front. It will enhance the employment opportunities and attract the essential investment needed for economic revival. Several trends have emerged in the real estate sectors, mostly hinting towards a healthy resurgence. Here is how the residential & commercial sector is expecting to perform in 2021.
  3. Residential– The revival of the residential real estate sector is evident, with a sharp rise in sales in the last two quarters of 2020. Much of the credit behind this recovery goes to the low financing rates, stamp duty benefits and other monetary benefits that gave the customers a glorious opportunity. However, much of the recovery depends on the commercial synopsis and employment options. As of now, affordable and mid-segment properties are drawing most residential property buyers.
  4. Commercial– The commercial sector has indeed demonstrated noteworthy signs of recovery. Although understood that the segment would suffer due to the increasing adoption of WFH, commercial properties have pulled the most significant investors' percentage in numerous essential cities. As it is not always likely to get an optimal office environment at home, many companies spend in well-bred office spaces that meet the contemporary standards of comfort, infrastructure, and health. Moreover, several companies that plan to sustain their operations offline have been upgrading to larger offices where it would be desirable to maintain the social distancing norms.

Besides, commercial and retail hubs' improvement is an inevitable precondition to recognizing prices of residential properties and vice-versa. Homebuyers are tempted to housing hubs based on the availability of services and convenience, including shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, food and entertainment zones, leisure facilities and so on. The converse theory of commercial players and retailers getting attracted to populated housing hubs is also conventional.

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Rajnagar Extension-A Prominent Landmark Of Extravagance/ Overindulgence / Immoderation

February 11, 2021
Rajnagar Extension-A Prominent Landmark Of Extravagance/ Overindulgence / Immoderation

Well, Rajnagar Extension has developed as Ghaziabad's new city centre. It is a quick developing & a favoured suburban destination for those exploring quality housing at unbeatable market rates in the city. Already, some of Ghaziabad's top residential developments, parks & plazas, commercial zones, & educational institutes have come up encompassing this region. But what's the main reason behind its remarkable rise? The answer to this is its central location, excellent connectivity, blooming infrastructure, coupled with reasonable realty market rates.

Rajnagar Extension offers excellent connectivity, wide-ranging civic amenities, lifestyle and entertainment hubs, business and employment districts, and many impressive real estate projects(Residential & Commercial).

If you have been on the lookout for a home that specifies ecstasy and tranquillity, then One such is Ajnara Fragrance. Ajnara Fragrance at Rajnagar Extension is the perfect address for you!

Spread across approximately 5.75 acres of the beautifully landscaped spaces, Ajnara Fragrance is a residential (comprised of 4.5lakh sq. ft.) & commercial project Fragrance Walk(comprised of 1.25 lakh sq.ft.), adorned with world-class comforts, lush, scenic views, elegant designs and an extensive range of residential facilities.

  1. Prime Location, Accessibility & Connectivity- Dwelled in the verdant locale of Rajnagar Extension, Ajnara Fragrance is well equated with Metro Stations, Hindon Elevated Road, Delhi-Meerut Expressway, neighbouring cities such as Meerut, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, etc. & the significant parts of Ghaziabad. The new flyover and a drive from Hindon airbase will facilitate high-speed connectivity to Delhi via Wazirabad. One of the notable developments taking place as per the latest policy development, the stated Delhi-Haridwar highway would even cross through Raj Nagar Extension, heightening the area's heightening connectivity. Also, below are the added location advantages which cut out the hassle and chaos of daily commutes-
    • 15 mins drive from Hindon Airport
    • 10 mins from Delhi via Elevated Road to Rajnagar Extension
    • 15 Mins from Eastern Peripheral Road, Kundli, Palwal & Ghaziabad
    • 3 km from operational metro
    • Very much closer to the FNG road
    • ISBT helps to have smooth transport
  2. Hoisted with perfect Neighbourhood- With the exceptional connectivity to the major hotspots in Delhi/NCR, Ajnara Fragrance & Fragrance Walk is located close to the

    City Forest: City Forest Park, which is established on the banks of the Hindon, has walking trails, cycle tracks, horse-riding facility and guided tours for visitors with open gypsy/jeep rides. Almost two lakh saplings of different varieties have been planted in the area and the existing tree cover of the region. The entire project area has been divided into nine blocks – A to I – with different features and facilities in each part.

    Has proximity to international schools & colleges: The Modern School, Presidium, Kudoz International Pre-School, GD Goenka Public School, Sanfort International School, CSHP Memorial Public School, Schiller's Institute, etc. & many more reputed & reckoned schools & colleges are located in Rajnagar Extension.

    Next to the upcoming international cricket stadium: First International stadium of UPCA (UP Cricket Association) to be built in Rajnagar extension Ghaziabad will be bigger than the Greenpark international cricket stadium Kanpur.

    Upcoming rapid rail from Delhi to Meerut via Rajnagar Extension: The 82 km-long Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail corridor is not only expected to decongest the high-traffic areas of Delhi NCR but would also lessen the travelling time between Delhi and Meerut from two hours to roughly 40 minutes. The high-speed train will ensure seamless connectivity and realty growth along with its development.

    Close Proximity to the hospitals: Apex Hospitals, Vardhan Multispecialty hospital, MedCruz, Navjeevan Hospital, etc. are few of the recognised hospitals in the vicinity. To raise the bar of luxury living & give immense comfort, the exquisitely designed homes in Ajnara Fragrance have been devised to provide homeowners with a feeling of living close to life while owning urban life access conveniences.

  3. A world of comfort & a landmark of extravagance– At Ajnara Fragrance, every home has been mindfully thought of, to equip residents with a lifestyle they will love to foster. The project offers 2/3/4 BHK residences in Rajnagar Extension, which will make the living worth the money. The retail wing of Ajnara Fragrance, Fragrance Walk gives people a luxurious shopping experience with top associated brands, hypermarkets & anchor stores. The ultra-modern clubhouse will be attractive and charming, which will bestow the residents' benefits and luxurious facilities.
    • The two-tower consists of 470 Apartments With Spacious Interiors
    • One-of-its-kind Clubhouses in the region and lavish Pool
    • Ajnara Fragrance Walk offers 220 retail shops which are double height showrooms for maximum visibility.
    • Exclusive Premium Tower Lobby And Premium Lounge
    • Gated Community, 24x7 Power Back-Up With CCTV Monitoring
    • Self-sustainable Storm Water Harvesting & Waste Water Management

Hence, overall Ajnara Fragrance will count as one of the most upcoming beneficial projects that serve the commercial and residential living & will allow the homeowners to live a life worth their money -with amenities & stable Neighbourhood in Rajnagar Extension.

About Ajnara- Ajnara India Ltd. is a leading player in the real estate sector with an expertise of more than two decades, managing its expansion and success. Established in 1991, Ajnara is a top real estate property developer in the NCR. Ajnara India stands as a well-known real estate developer in Rajnagar Extension. The Group has delivered Ajnara Integrity, one of the most known townships with 2600 residential units. To add more, Ajnara has delivered a commercial property in Rajnagar Extension, Ajnara Orchid which has shops & commercial spaces. Ajnara Grace, a society in Rajnagar Extension has delivered 200 flats. With being the only developer to construct the great retail destination in the region, Ajnara City Centre is one of its kind high streets near to possession & will be ready for fit-outs from approximately June 2021.

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January 12, 2021

Central Noida is located close to Delhi Metro Blue Line expansion towards Noida Electronic City. With several new properties in this area, these localities have attained fame among homebuyers willing to invest here. These areas have modest public transport, connectivity to the shopping centres, daily markets, restaurants, schools & institutions, hospitals, banks, etc. with adequate social and physical infrastructure. Most of the projects here are huge housing societies which are independent and have all amenities inside. These areas also lie in Noida's vicinity, including many shopping malls and metro connectivity, making these areas more engaging for investors and end-users.

Location & Project Advantages-

  1. Blessed with a Trendy Neighbourhood- Luxury living begins with a prime location. Ajnara Belvedere offers excellent connectivity to the city's essential parts and easy access to an ample scope of social and civic amenities, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, shopping plazas and multiplexes.
  2. The Metro connectivity in Noida (Sector 79) further enhances its accessibility, making it the modern city & a lively place! Also, the City Centre Metro is approx. 6 mins from the project location.
  3. Revel in the luxurious lifestyle – Ajnara Belvedere is genuinely compatible with ultimate satisfaction and indulgence of being in a comfortable home. From the fixtures and furnishings to the flooring and the home's air conditioning, every aspect ensures you the ideal life.
  4. Iconic Construction- Erected over 7.5 acres of land; this project has been constructed in 7 iconic high rise towers, combining 26 floors in each.
  5. Renowned Architecture- Ajnara Belvedere's contemporary and classic design is connected harmoniously with its architecture. Renowned and world-famous architect Hafeez Contractor has sketched its modern design.
  6. Lush Greenery surrounds Ajnara Belvedere- It is an entirely eco-friendly project where 70% of green space is open so residents will breathe in the fresh air. The luxurious apartments are made exclusively for an elite lifestyle.

A 3/4 BHK luxurious apartments in Noida, Ajnara Belvedere varies from 1435 sq. ft. to 2575 sq. ft. Snuggled amidst the open lush green of Mega Sports City, Ajnara Belvedere puts your heart and mind in the peace. The few of its towers are 70% structure ready & ongoing. Ajnara India Ltd is already recognised for its quality construction and on-time deliveries. Hence, Belvedere has been designed to meet the buyer's expectations and deliver a world-class living experience. Ajnara Belvedere sector 79 Noida project is featured with all modern amenities to offer hassle-free life to its residents.

Enjoy a Lavish Lifestyle & Amenities- The best-in-class amenities and specifications will surely be a welcoming experience at Ajnara Belvedere. The wide range of its classic amenities for a luxurious living includes-

  1. A highly equipped clubhouse
  2. swimming pool, gymnasium, spa facility, yoga & aerobics centres,
  3. indoor & outdoor gameslush green garden
  4. lush green garden
  5. ample vehicle parking space
  6. Wi-Fi enabled complex
  7. high-speed designer elevators
  8. provision of gas pipeline and DTH services
  9. kids playing area

Hence, don't think twice, get the best lucrative payment plans & book your 3/4BHK luxurious apartments in Noida now! Avail the discount on spot bookings! Live life as you mean it!

About Ajnara- Ajnara India Ltd. is a leading player in the real estate sector with an expertise of more than two decades, guiding its expansion and success. Established in 1991, Ajnara today is a leading real estate property developer in the NCR. Its contributions include the most diversified product mix including residential, commercial/IT parks, retail, hotels and township. With 28 years of excellence, 64 projects delivered, 24k units delivered, Ajnara stands strong in Delhi/NCR.

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YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY, The next big thing

December 15, 2020

It's been said that when all your desires are fulfilled, you experience happiness. At Ajnara, we agree that our homes will grant you only that, and Ajnara Panorama is one of the perfect representations of it! Known as the most destined project on the Yamuna Expressway, Ajnara Panorama gives you all the means you need to meet your lifestyle and hopes and lift your living standard. In reality, the best home is the one that gives you the experience of a high-quality lifestyle. A home with a great location, excellent neighbourhood for an assisted living, luxurious facilities, beautiful interiors and a scenic view will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable experience.

Exciting Features of Ajnara Panorama- Like the word 'grandeur', Ajnara Panorama is located in Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway, one of NCR's unique locations. Already known for having many famous IT industries, educational hubs & gigantic developments with regards to connectivity, infrastructure, the project is nestled in the prime locality where you'll be happy forever! Ajnara Panorama offers Villas, High Rise Apartments & Studio Apartments forming a 22 acred mini township ready to move in project. Not just this! Have you ever imagined your home & your life on the fastest track? Giving it a luxurious whelm, it constructed only in front of Budhh International F1 racing circuit. Here are remarkable reasons why there's nothing better than living at Ajnara Panorama-

  1. Reap the benefits of living in the prime location- Nestled in one of the best sites, that connects Delhi, Noida, Agra, Mathura at ease, it boasts excellent connectivity with Noida & Yamuna Expressway. Another factor that adds an advantage is
    • The hassle-free connectivity of approximately about 6kms to the international Jewar/Noida Airport.
    • Very close in the vicinity of India's biggest proposed Film City
    • 30 min drive from Noida City Centre
    • Close to the Surajpur Bird Sanctuary
    • Close to the proposed Monorail project & ISBT
    • In the vicinity of the proposed manufacturing units of big companies such as Ducati, Patanjali, Oppo, NIIT, Haldiram, etc.
  2. Bask in the most promising lifestyle- This mini-township consists of London Square Villas, Vice Royale Studios & High Rise Apartments. Vice Royale apartments are a fine amalgam of well-designed 1/2BHK Studio Apartments. The London Square Villas reform homes into a haven of comfort & satisfaction with an ultra-modern lifestyle with endless connectivity-assisted neighbourhood benefits. The top educational institutions, such as Amity University, Gautam Buddh University, make it the perfect & promising life.
  3. Wide-range world-class amenities for lavish lifestyle- To enjoy the best of world-class amenities, Ajnara Panorama has-
    • Premium Clubhouse (Club Mandolin)- One of the state-of-art clubhouses in the entire region, it is designed in a way to feel the ultimate satisfaction of leisure & comfort.
    • Swimming Pools- Revive yourselves and refresh your senses by taking a swim in the magnificent swimming pools.
    • Gymnasium- At Ajnara Panorama, meet your fitness goals in style at the state-of-the-art gymnasium.
    • Steam & Sauna- Relax after your ay's work in the luxurious spa with steam & sauna facilities.
    • Indoor & Outdoor Games- Experience living with the world-class Table Tennis, Cards rooms, Pool table, Badminton, Basketball, Squash court.
    • Grand Amphitheatre & Cafeteria- Modern cafeteria to pamper yourselves & your guests with the best!
    • Convenient Shopping Needs- Get all the essentials at the stone-throwing distance!
    • More than 80% of the open area will allow you to feel all the peaceful lush greens, water bodies, planned & designed by the experts.
  4. Exquisite Homes- Every home at Ajnara Panorama promises best interiors, specifications, fittings, Vaastu & Eco-friendly Layout in its segmented zones of London Square Villas, Vice Royale Studios & High Rise Apartments.

So are you all set to live the life you fantasised of? Just look no further than Ajnara Panorama, the best residential properties on Yamuna Expressway by Ajnara India. For more details, visit- www.ajnara.com.

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